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Guided tour in Klimapark 2469

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Explore the past in the present in the ice tunnel by Galdhøpiggen, 70 meters into the ice, 7000 years back in time! Learn about nature, wildlife and humans living in the highlands. Experience thowing permafrost and melting snow fields. Discover the sensational Secrets of the Ice: Artifacts surfacing from the melting ice. Free for children under 4 years.

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Information about the guided tour
This outdoor discovery centre is located 1800 metres above sea level, and can be explored accompanied by a guide. You and your group will be met at Juvasshytta by the Galdhøpiggen mountain. As you walk along the 1000 meter long walkway across Juvflye, you will learn about the climate, history, geology, and biology of this high-mountain area. The trip ends in the spectacular ice tunnel in Juvfonne. Carved into the ice patch, it features a network of corridors and rooms – and also a cinema. After exploring the tunnel, you have the option to visit the vantage point with views of the Kjelbreen glacier. The guide will provide information suitable for the group, and will ensure that the experience is exciting and informative for the very young as well. Total duration is approx. 2.5 hours. This high up, the temperature and weather conditions can change quickly. Please bring hiking boots/warm footwear, windproof clothing, hat, and gloves.

From NOK 215

+4 Additional options

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Follow road number 55 from Lom. Follow road signs to the Juvasshytta mountain lodge (Not Spiterstulen!). The drive takes about 45 minutes from Lom. Your guide meets you at Juvasshytta. You can also drive by bus from Lom center to Juvasshytta. For schedule and tickets: https://entur.no/

  • 375 square meter ice tunnel
  • glaciers and permafrost 
  • archeological findings
  • climate changes
  • suitable for the entire familiy


  1. Fossbergom
  2. Galdbygde
  3. Juvasshytta
  4. Istunnel/ ice tunnel